About us


Partak Sange Kavir Co. (PARDESTONE) registered in Isfahan to produce and export natural building stones and import stone processing accessories and machinery.

Company's current activities:

- Extraction and processing of blocks from two Travertine and Limestone quarries

- Production and processing of building stones in two production units to export

- Import of machinery and stone industry requirements from Spain and China

PARDESTONE as the owner of two quarries, Alabaster and VIP(Semi Emperador) located in North East of Isfahan and Emperador quarry in West of Isfahan, with a total capacity of about 20,000 tons per year, has provided a good possibility to supply export blocks and raw material for its clients.

We focus mainly on people with architectural taste and those who appreciate high quality works and new shades. Never the less we can provide our customers with reasonably low prices due to our A to Z market solutions, as blocks our carved out from either our own or joint ventured mines and then processed on our high tech Machinery


Mission Statement

Our mission to provide excellent quality with affordability. For that we always strive towards process optimization and control. We have build integrated business solutions for our customers where they can see their investment flourish.

Our A-Z market solution includes best ROI as we keep strict vigilance from extracting the raw material , transportation, processing, QC, and packing up to shipment. We also provide after sale and before sale service which includes free estimates, renovation, repairs and designs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to secure the rank of natural stone use in the world by making natural stone products competitive with respect to artificial stones in flexibility, prices and easiness of installation and maintenance.